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April 26, 2012

Better Than Ever Seminar Series: Length 1hr 3min

Topics Discussed:

• The psychology of mate selection as related to unhealthy relationships
• Reason people end up with the same wrong type of person 
• Addiction of the mind
• The Woman's Side
• The Good Guy and Bad Guy Syndrome
• How a person can change the pattern
• How to shift thinking patterns where partner selection is concerned 
• How to improve damaged self esteem, self-worth and self image
• Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship


 April 22, 2012    5:00pm CST

The Art of Love with Lucia

 April 23, 2012    2:00pm CST

Better than Ever With 

Dr Dee Adio-Moses

  Print Interviews

 July 27, 2012

Brayton's Briefs- "Around the Globe with Justin Nutt

Interview Content:

This is a look at the man behind the writing as he discusses; his writing process, favorite authors, future projects, and much more. 

 May 23, 2012    8:00pm CST

Universal Spiritual Connection Radio Show with

 Leilani Graham


 July 2, 2012    5:00pm CST

Love Works

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