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This book is a must have for anyone who has had a string of bad relationships. A friend of mine gave me a copy of it telling me that it had made a huge difference for her and after only two days I have started looking at myself and women in a totally new way. Seriously an A++++ BOOK.

 webo-wobble  Posted June 28, 2012 on Barnes and Noble

OMG, holy cheese and rice! 

No clue how a cute cowboy could understand a girls POV so well, but this one does. I bought the book after hearing a talk he gave online awhile back and have to say that it is nice to finally find a self-help book written by someone who has been through all of this andwho also doesnt try to say stuff in a way that makes others feel dumb. The book is great at not doing that and the analogies are great my fave is the cartoon snowball, trust me when you read it you will know hwat i mean. Color me a happy girl and please write more books you are awsome and easy on the eyes. ;-)

 amymcv Posted June 28, 2012 on Barnes and Noble

i think this book is great i bought it a month ago and has changed my life so much so that three of my friends also bought it and we sit around and discuss it. if you have problems with love how i did this is a must read to find your good guy. didn't buy ours through b&n but glad to see they are selling them now. thanks so much mr. nutt!!! muah!

 Brian Asmoiv  Posted August 2, 2012 on Inigo

Had bad luck in love? Not anymore!      Rating: 5/5

Ok I actually got a copy of this for my sister.  I heard an interview the author gave and thought she could use this. I was flipping through it and on a lark I decided to do the exercises that were in it. I really had no thoughts that it would do anything for me but before I knew it the exercises were changing the way I looked at myself and the women I have dated. I had never really thought about a number of the aspects that this book made me start thinking about. By the time I saw my sister lets just say she got a very well used copy of the book and I went home and ordered my own copy. She likes to joke it is the worse conditioned but treasured book she has ever gotten. Well it has been almost 4 months since I bought this book (for her) and I have never felt so positive about love in my life and have started dating a great woman but taking it slow and making sure to not lose myself. My sister is dating someone too and he is the first guy that wasn't a hoser who treats her poorly.

hapstar Posted August 3, 2012 on Landmark

I read this book 3 months past and must say it has made great differences in my life. Mostly I have dated men who see me as property as many men of India do. This book has helped me see I deserve respect as a person and no man should be allowed to treat a woman improperly. I was also able as a result of reading this to understand much more on my life. Thank you greatly sir for writing this work and may you have the peace and prosperity this book has brought me.

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