Are you looking for healthier relationships?

Who does Changing Patters work for?

People who have had one bad relationship after another?  YES

People who are tired of relationships where they never work out? YES

People who feel like there is nothing better out there or that they don't deserve better?  YES

People who have been in physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive relationships?  YES

People who blame themselves for not being good enough or unlovable?  YES

People with low self-esteem and self-worth?  YES

Men or Women of any age?  YES

Why this class?

Everyone is deserving of happiness. I hate those commercials where the guy says it worked for me and can work for you, but the truth is that the method did work for me, but more importantly it has worked for many of those I have worked with in individual and group therapy. It is for this reason that I have been asked to lead groups to help with relationships based on my book, The Good Guy, the Bad Guy, and the Ugly Truth. This class will be in Overland Park, KS. The class runs for 8 consecutive weeks and it is important to be there each week as one week builds on the next. The cost for each week is $10 which can be paid each week or can be paid in full prior to the first class.

     Addiction of Love…

Many times it is not so much our desire, but our past which leads to the selection of partners.  Psychologically speaking, once a person has dated many people who are unhealthy they in turn are more accepting of another mate that is unhealthy for them and more likely to reject those potential ones which would be healthier for them.

     Where to begin?

When seeking to change any pattern of behavior the person must want for it to change and also be willing to examine what is within to create that change.  The acceptance of what I have done doesn't work is key to the process of change.

     What this program does…

During the course of this program participants will be involved in group discussions and lectures, but most importantly will look at themselves and the patterns which have developed with respect to their relationships through the use of specially designed exercises to better understand the thought patterns behind the relationships they choose. 

"Before the changing patterns program I really didn't think anyone could possibly love me.   After it I know I deserve love, and more I also know how to love myself and be me with or without someone."

 - Graduate of        
Changing Patterns 

Subjects and Exercises

   • Personal Strengths and    

   • Marrying of Strengths and

   • Assessing and addressing    

   • Past relationships:

        - Good and Bad points

   • Assessing Accountability

   • Dealing with Guilt

   • Emotional Inventory

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